Laser & Spectroscopy Society of India

Laser and Spectroscopy Society of India (LASSI) was established in 1981 to promote the cause of teaching and research in the field of Optical Spectroscopy and Lasers. Traditionally Indian contribution in the field of optical spectroscopy has been very significant from as early as 1920's with· the land mark researches of Professor M. N. Saha, Sir C. V Raman, Prof R. K Asundi, Prof K. R. Rao, Prof N. L. Singh and others Since 1950s an informal gathering of spectroscopists used to take place on the eve of the Annual session of Indian Science Congress and it was called the Convention of Spectroscopists, largely due to the effort of Professor R. K Asuandi. Towards the later years of 1970s several prominent optical spectroscopists felt the need of a formal organization and at the time of Indian Science Congress Session at the Banaras Hindu University in 1981 the Society was finally formed with its headquarter in Varanasi.


​ Since its inception the Society has taken several steps to propagate the knowledge in the field of Lasers and Spectroscopy at the National level by organizing regular seminars, symposia and conferences. Bulletin of the society is published annually containing review articles and also original researches mostly from spectroscopists and laser physicists working in India. The Society also has international membership including some of the world leaders in the field. The annual meetings are held at different universities in India with a view to propagate the importance of lasers and spectroscopy amongst the students and young research scholars who are encouraged to interact freely with the subject experts. Following the desire of Professor D. D. Pant, a contribution in cash is received every year by the Society from Professor D. D. Pant Samman Samiti. A cash prize of Rs. 1,000/- has been instituted in the memory of Shri Harbans Singh by his son, Professor Kehar Singh, an internationally renowned optical physicist of the country. This prize is awarded to the author of the best scientific paper presented by young scientists at the annual meeting of the Society. Inspite of its meagre financial resources the Society extends grant for the purpose of organizing seminars/symposia and conferences in the field of Lasers and spectroscopy by active groups in various parts of the country. With very active support of Prof G. D. Baruah the Society has made a significant contribution in spreading awarness and interest amongst the college teachers and young scientists in the north eastern region of India. An endowment fund has been established by the students and well wishers of late Prof Nand Lal Singh to organize “Nand Lal Singh Memorial Lecture” at Varanasi every year on 26th November since 1997.

The Society also honours its members by Fellowship of the Society in recognition of the teaching and research contributions made by them. The membership of the Society has slowly but steadily grown at a healthy rate and the number of its life members is presently in excess of 472. There has been an admirable support from members in extending their valuable time and also financial support for the cause of the Society. With immense future prospects in the fields of Lasers and optical sciences as evidenced by the technological growth in optical communication and laser cooling and other laser applications in the field of nano sciences it is hoped that LASSI, will serve the society and the future generations of optical scientists in accordance with its aims and objects.